Contacts & collaborations

Contacts & collaborations


Along with this online platform, our products are on sale in various clinics and paramedical practitioners with which we collaborate closely. This allows us not only to have recommendations of our products by qualified physicians, but also regular feedbacks allowing us to improve our formulas every day.

As we have always been very close to our customers, we appreciate getting in touch with you and receiving your input. That’s why we organize regular surveys not only to develop new products, but also to help you select the products that will best complement your needs.

Finally, it is in our philosophy not only to provide products of the best quality, but also to allow you to learn more about your organism and the natural resources available to us all. For this reason, in collaboration with Dr. Luc Moudon and other practitioners, Vimuneco offers you the opportunity to subscribe to a newsletter that will cover various topics and allow you to better understand certain aspects of your own health and metabolism. The subjects covered in the newsletter will be briefly summarized on the site and on our social networks.

Name of clinics and practitioners we work with
Dr. R.T.H.K. Trossèl – PMC Medical Clinic



Dr. Robert Trossel is the founder and medical director of PMC medical clinic in Rotterdam. He specializes in orthomolecular medicine, where much attention is paid to optimizing the body’s levels of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. He also studied traditional Chinese medicine through the Beijing University graduate program in London.

Thanks to the highly innovative use of oligoscanner, based on laser spectrophotometry, Dr. Trossèl is now able to measure minerals and toxic metals in his patients’ bodies in a non-invasive way. This method allows him to give very targeted nutritional advice.

Preventief Medisch Centrum Rotterdam
Kanaalweg 33, 2903 LR Capelle aan den IJssel, Holland

Phone: +31 10 414 7633

The Kousmine Foundation


The Fondation Dr Catherine Kousmine was created by Dr Catherine Kousmine on 23 February 1987 in Lutry (Switzerland).

Its purpose is to promote, maintain, safeguard and develop the dietary, medico-alimentary and medical principles which were developed and applied by Dr. C. Kousmine.

Madame Catherine Kousmine left us in August 1992. Until 1985, she was not considered to be a well-known figure, and although she published several articles in specialised medical journals on the results of her research, she would certainly have remained in the shadows.

It was because of her incredible therapeutic successes, particularly in the treatment of three serious diseases (cancer, multiple sclerosis and chronic progressive polyarthritis) that some doctors, amazed by the results she obtained, asked her for a personal interview in order to learn her method. This is how she gradually trained more than eighty students.

These doctors grouped together to form the French Medical Association, which was founded on 21 October 1985. Its aim is mainly oriented towards medical training, the deepening of the method, and the information to the public.

The Herpes Viruses Association


The Herpes Viruess Association is a patient support organisation, run by patients, only two of whom are paid.  We offer a helpline, website, leaflets and quarterly journals about herpes simplex (genital herpes and cold sores) talks and workshops in London.  The helpline gets about 3,000 calls a year.  It is run by trained volunteers who can answer medical questions on the condition as well as counsel people with the psychological worries that sometimes affect people.  Our website gets 450,000 visitors a year.

Most people with herpes simplex are unaware that they have it. A few people get frequent or severe symptoms. We advise on treatment: self-help and prescribed medication. We have run trials to find which complementary therapies do have a benefit and which are ‘snake-oil’…  

Subscribers receive quarterly journals and leaflets dealing with all aspects of the virus from ‘too many recurrences’ to ‘talking about this with a new partner’.  Events are organised by members outside London.

We help the medical establishment by providing training talks to staff, as well as cards, leaflets and booklets for their patients.  Since people calling our helpline can talk for as long as they wish, this lessens the burden on Sexual Health Clinics’ advisers.

We assist the media in obtaining the facts and case histories

The bulk of our funding has always come from people we have helped. This is however not adequate.  As we are not an ‘attractive cause’, we seek free-thinking people – or charitable trusts – to fund us.

The Herpes Viruess Assocaition
Phone +44 (0)20 7607 9661

41 North Road
N7 9DP

Institut Themacorps

An institute of alternative medicine specialising in the digestive system.

The Themacorps Institut has been known since the 1980s for its practice of colonic irrigation, a technique that was used by the Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Essenes and Hindus, but also in Yogic practices, Ayurvedic medicine, the Talmud, the Koran, in the Middle Ages and among the American Indians.
In Europe, this treatment was particularly promoted by Doctor Kousmine and her successors. Most naturopaths or naturotherapists advise it or use it in their practice in conjunction with other natural treatments such as fasting.
Today, thanks to all the researches on the microbiota and its link to the nervous system and metabolism, Themacorps has gained an understanding of the importance of a well functioning gut to our general health. In this view, they have supplemented irrigation care with naturopathic consultations and other therapies to help and support the healing of the digestive system.



Route de Lavaux 121
CH-1095 – Lutry (VD)

Telephone : +41 21 791 11 96
Fax : +41 21 791 68 72

More info :

Nathalie Sauthier - Nutrition and Health Specialist


Nathalie Sauthier

Mrs. Nathalie Sauthier, Consultant in Nutrition and Health, Nutritherapist, Kousmine Nutritional Specialist, Specialised in orthomolecular medicine advice


” Our current diet is often deficient in vital nutrients, yet full of refined sugars, unhealthy fats, salt and chemical additives. In the long run, our body becomes weakened, devitalized, acidified, clogged and this is the door open to diseases! I accompany you in your efforts to preserve or recover your health capital, without forgetting that eating should remain a source of pleasure! “

Faced with progressive ankylosing spondylitis (an autoimmune rheumatic disease) at the age of 22, which was cured thanks to Dr. C. Kousmine’s methodology, Mrs. Sauthier became aware very early on of the impact of a good diet on health.

She first worked in a variety of fields such as bank marketing and textiles, before her personal career path gently led her towards nutrition and health. While devoting herself to the education of her children, she completed a health practitioner training course between 2006 and 2009 with a specialisation in nutrition at the CNSA College of Naturology in Vevey. At the same time, she received professional training with the Dr. C. Kousmine methodology, which she already applied in her daily life.

Currently, Mrs. Nathalie Sauthier works as a Consultant in Nutrition and Health and as a Kousmine Nutritionist in the Viviscum medical centre in Vevey. She has been a speaker in the Dr C. Kousmine methodology classes for several years. Finally, she runs regular theoretical and practical courses for the general public (Mother-Baby, Acid-Base Balance in your plate, etc).



Centre Médical Viviscum
Rue des Communaux 4
1800 Vevey
Telephone : +41 79 674 62 25
Aurélia Corbaz - Nutritionnist


Aurelia Corbaz


Aurelia Corbaz is a nutritionist practicing in the Pully area. Passionate about her work, she not only sees patients for nutritional advice, but also conducts nutritional workshops, cooking classes and nutritional consulting for businesses. As a sportswoman and epicurean herself, she is convinced that nutrition has an key influence on health, physical well-being and the psyche. Her philosophy is based on simplicity and balance!

“For me, nutrition is the key to health. Food is our primary medicine, but it is also a source of pleasure and enjoyment. Passionate about my job and the benefits of food, I am keen to learn and share a simple and healthy cuisine. A healthy diet is simply a question of balance. »

Avenue de Lavaux 101
1009 Pully
Telephone : +41 79 686 38 55
Michaël Marquis – Student dietician


Michaël Marquis

Student dietician

At 23 years old and in the final part of my Bachlor in Nutrition and Dietetics at the Haute École de santé in Geneva, I enjoy learning more every day. This is why I am training in parallel to my studies in sports nutrition and micronutrition in particular. In addition, I have created MMNutrition since 2020, which started with an Instagram page. This was followed by follow-ups and guidance for people close to me. Currently, I am in close collaboration with general practitioners, pharmacies and sports clubs concerning the follow-up of patients in various fields. Aware of having a limited experience, I fill this gap with a multidisciplinary collaboration and a treatment centred on the patient who, according to me, is the expert of his own body and behaviour. It is therefore with a lot of listening and advice that the follow-up is done, because nutrition continues to be a source of pleasure.

“By allying pleasure, dietary balance and goal monitoring, I am convinced that nutrition is the key to achieving many goals »


Rue du Borbet 6
2855 Glovelier
Telephone : +41 79 464 07 56

Instagram : @mm__nutrition

Missnutritionist - Nutritionnist

Rosie Millen

Nutritionnist and writer

Rosie Millen studied at the renowned Institue of “Optimum Nutrition” and graduated with a Nutritional Therapy Diploma in 2010. Since then, Miss Nutritionist has been going from strength to strength. Back in 2014 Rosie was diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue and knows what it is like to be so fatigued you can’t get out of bed, so Miss Nutritionist specialises in fatigue and energy management.
Rosie set up Miss Nutritionist over 5 years ago. As soon as she received her first certificate from ION she was seeing clients. She learnt about managing her own business and working closely with her clients to achieve extraordinary results.

More info :

Instagram : @missnutritionist

Contacts us

Grand Rue 11, 1148 Moiry, VD-Switzerland

Friedrichstrasse 123, 10177 Berlin, Germany

Contacts us

Grand Rue 11, 1148 Moiry, VD-Switzerland

Friedrichstrasse 123, 10177 Berlin, Germany

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