Tired of taking countless tablets just to get the enough nutrients for your body? We have your solution! Imozan’s line is designed to ensure that the combination of one sachet in the morning and one in the evening covers most of your needs in food supplements.

Our motto: Synergy, natural, effective and simple!

Imozan covers your basic needs in food supplements, namely nutrition, alkalization, intestinal hygiene and vitamin therapy. Thanks to the use of sachets, Imozan not only allows for better intestinal absorption, but also provides the equivalent of 9 capsules in an easy to carry sachet. Additionally, these products work on the synergy of their ingredients, allowing for lower dosages


Combination of vitamins and nutrients essential to your immunity. While most products are composed of ingredients with limited individual effects, Imozan IMU exploits the synergy of its ingredients that have been selected for their virtues and combined in very specific dosages.

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Imozan ADX has been developed around the nutritional needs of your cells by combining antioxidants such as turmeric and pomegranate; detoxifiers like artichoke and milk thistle; and vitamins into one product. By combining more than twenty ingredients, Imozan ADX works on their synergy to achieve an optimal effect.

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Imozan MEM is a concentrate of vitamins, plant extracts, amino acids and caffeine. This formula works synergistically by combining vitamins such as vitamin C, B6 and B2, which have been shown to help reduce fatigue and exhaustion, with caffeine and magnesium, helping to improve concentration, performance, alertness and attention.

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To achieve an optimal effect, we recommend taking both products together. By taking Imozan IMU in the morning and Imozan ADX in the evening, you guarantee a deep and lasting effect.

We recommend taking Imozan IMU in the morning, if possible 30 minutes before breakfast, and Imozan ADX in the evening at bedtime. Both products are taken in water or juice, six days a week.

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What is the purpose of the line Imozan?

As we know, nutrition is essential to our body because it provides our organism with all the nutrients it needs to function optimally. In that sense, it is crucial to have a healthy diet based on organic food (which therefore contains fewer toxic substances), to consume as little animal products as possible, and to introduce alkalizing foods to help prevent excess acidity in the body.


However, despite all our efforts to have a complete and varied nutrition, it remains insufficient and does not fully correspond to our body’s needs. It is therefore unavoidable to take food supplements to complement the nutritional deficiencies of the diet.


Today, most of the food supplements on the market are in the form of capsules, which limits the volume of the product, resulting in the need to ingest numerous capsules every day. In addition, these capsules generally contain colourings that are harmful to the body as well as excipients that are most of the time made of sugar (therefore also bad for the body).


Our Imozan line provides a concentrated powder packaged in easy-to-carry sachets and is designed to cover the majority of the body’s dietary supplement needs. This innovative packaging also allows better absorption and limits waste.

On what principles are Imozan products based?

Imozan products work on different areas:

  • Alkalizing substances such as citrates, carbonates, sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium. These combinations allow the intake of essential trace elements combined with alkalizing bases.
  • Vitamins, i.e. the groups of vitamins B and C, the antioxidants of vitamin E, etc.
  • Trace elements such as iron, copper (in small doses), selenium and zinc (among others).
  • Natural molecules extracted from plants and algae which do not technically belong to the group of vitamins, but which are essential for the preservation of the organism.

Imozan products have been developed to use the synergistic effects of all its ingredients as well as on their complementarity with each other. We have worked on researching and selecting ingredients that complement each other to improve their effectiveness. A good example of the synergistic benefits is the combining of copper with colostrum, which allows these two ingredients to be better assimilated by the body and to have greater results than if they were used separately.

We also attach a great importance to the origin of our ingredients. All our ingredients are organic and individually certified by a certificate of origin with corresponding laboratory analyses.

Do Imozan products cover all my needs in food supplements? Do i need to continue taking my usual vitamins? Do I need to continue taking my usual vitamins?

The Imozan line of products has been developed as a concentrate to cover the majority of the body’s need in food supplements. In that sense, these products should be sufficient and we recommend not taking any other food supplements while you are taking Imozan, even though it would not be harmful to your body.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that some elements (omegas, vitamin B12, vitamin D) could not be added to the Imozan line for packaging reasons. We are currently working on the development of a new product that will specifically address these needs.

What are the expected benefits and time frame?

The expected effects are progressive and depend on the state of health at the start as well as on lifestyle, age, metabolism, etc. Most people usually start to see benefits as from one to three months of taking Imozan. A single intake of 30 sachets may be sufficient; however, we recommend the regular use of Imozan IMU for a better efficiency and a progressive improvement of the desired results.


A comprehensive nutrition is generally first observed in the condition of the skin as it is an amazing interface between the inner and outer body and a silky skin generally indicates good wellbeing. The Imozan line helps cover the body’s need in nutrients that are often lacking in a normal diet.


Moreover, our customers have reported a renewed energy and drive in their daily lives, and are experiencing a more restful sleep. Our clients have also noticed that their digestive functions tend to regulate themselves gradually which, in some cases, may result in a regulation of body weight.

Why are there two sachets (morning + evening)?

Although some ingredients seem similar, we have directed the action of the components towards a work of synergy in order to use their complementary effects. In this sense, it was important to separate the line into two sachets in order to provide the body with the supplements it needs at the time of day corresponding to the intake. This is why we recommend taking Imozan IMU preferably in the morning upon waking up and Imozan ADX in the evening around bedtime.

How should I take these products?

Ideally, Imozan products should be taken on an empty stomach, in between meals, to facilitate assimilation by the body. This is why we recommend that you take Imozan IMU in the morning 30 minutes before breakfast and Imozan ADX in the evening at bedtime. However, the exact time is of no importance.


Mix the content of the sachet in a small amount of lukewarm water and make sure to stir well before drinking (some people like to use a small shaker to ensure homogeneity).You can also mix the content of the sachet into another suitable food (e.g. yoghurt, fruit juice, etc.). Vous pouvez également mélanger le contenu du sachet dans une autre denrée alimentaire appropriée (par exemple yaourt, jus de fruits, etc.).


In general, Imozan products can be taken every day of the week. However, it is also possible to skip one day per week, the day of rest.

Are there any interferences with certain foods or alcohol?

In principle, there is no interference between Imozan products and food or alcohol. However, we strongly recommend a healthy diet, as well as alcohol restriction, at least during the period in which you take Imozan. We also recommend drinking a sufficient amount of water every day. We also recommend drinking a sufficient amount of water every day.

Are there any interferences with ongoing treatments?

The Imozan line is a line of food supplements, and therefore has no therapeutic effect. There is no known interference with specific medicines, such as anti-hypertensives, anti-diabetic drugs, hormone supplements, etc. Ongoing treatments can therefore be continued, but it is advisable to avoid taking the usual medicines at the same time as Imozan food supplements. We encourage you to follow your doctor’s recommendations regarding current treatments and to consult the list of ingredients of our products if in doubt.

We also recommend that you speak to your doctor should you wish to start taking Imozan in the context of an illness.

If you are currently suffering from a cold, flu-like condition or the flu, it is entirely possible to continue taking Imozan products.


It is important to note that the products in the Imozan line are not intended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women.

What are the side effects?

Each of the ingredients is thoroughly documented for its properties, dosages, own actions and synergistic actions, as well as its sources of supply. In addition, they all benefit from a quality control certificate and strict monitoring.

All our customers to this day are very satisfied with Imozan and have not reported any side effects.

We would however like to inform our users that it is possible to notice some intestinal changes, in the form of soft stools or slowed transit, which will be resolved by drinking sufficient water every day. In rare cases, headaches may occur, especially for people of small stature, who may reduce the dosage by half (1/2 sachet instead of a full sachet). Some minor skin reactions can sometimes be observed and will disappear quickly. Sensitive people may experience difficulty sleeping due to taking Imozan ADX late at night. In this case, it is possible to take the product in the middle of the afternoon or early evening.

How often should I take Imozan products?

This depends on age, individual circumstances, lifestyle, personal constitution, motivation to maintain good general health, etc.

Clearly, the older you get, the more essential it is to be active in this context. However, a comprehensive and supplemented nutrition is built up from the very first years, consolidated throughout life and is regularly maintained. Therefore, it seems logical to take Imozan several times a year from the thirties/forties onwards, and to follow and consolidate from the fifties onwards. As you get older, systematic consumption, week after week, has positive long-term effects. It is possible to take Imozan every day of the year, without over dosage.

We recommend beginning with a three-month “attack” phase. Then it is a question of maintaining the body in accordance with its age, constitution, lifestyle, etc. We recommend taking a minimum of two takes of Imozan per year, once in spring and once in autumn.

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